Chiropractic Testimonials

"I can't say enough about how fantastic Dr. Han is. Before seeing her I had never been to a chiropractor. Not only does she have a great bedside manner that always puts me at ease, but she's helped considerably with my constant neck and back pain. As a plus she's extremely flexible with her hours. I try to combine my visits with another doctor I see in the same complex, and she always accommodates any time changes, no matter how last minute. Not only is Dr. Han an extremely competent chiropractor, but she's one of the best doctors I've ever gone to."

- Andrew C.

"I visited Jade Chiropractic & Wellness Center due to my lower back pain. My first impression was the friendly atmosphere. Dr. Han Nguyen is very skilled, compassionate, knowledgable and caring. Besides helping treat my low back pain issues, she also advised me to do certain exercises and stretches at home. She gave me trigger point therapy and adjustment every time I visited. After 4 sessions with Dr. Han, my back pain has been greatly reduced. Highly recommended!"

- H.V.

"My experience and treatments here has been great! The staffs from the front desk to doctors, and therapists in the back is very friendly and welcoming. There’s a great positive atmosphere that makes you feel really relax as you walk in. I was in a car accident not too long ago and initially thought I was fine but after a week or two, I started to feel pain in my lower back and muscles were very tense. This made it difficult on me to perform my daily routine and activities at times. At first, I didn't want to get it check out because I work out and play in different sports leagues regularly so thought I was able to tolerate the pain but it came to a point that it was unbearable during various positions from when I walk, sit, and sleep at night. Fortunately, I was referred by a friend to Dr. Han who specialize in these injuries from auto accidents or other similar events.

With my initial visit, she asked questions of how my injuries occurred, how painful on a scale from 1-10, and other important questions for her to evaluate so she can give me the best possible treatments. After the course of visits and treatments over a month or so going through tests, chiropractic care, and massage had relieve and cure my back pains and tightness in certain areas throughout my body. I felt much lighter and less tension after each session. I felt very comfortable and relax since Dr. Han demonstrated and explain what treatments she did and what types of exercises or remedy I can do at home to help relieve my pain.

I knew I was in great hands of Dr. Han after the first few sessions and seeing the progress that was achieved over that time span. I want to say thank you to Dr. Han for curing my pain and sometimes going out of her way to fit me in her busy schedule."

- S.L. 

"I have never had the pleasure of visiting Jade Chiropractic - however, I did have the opportunity of having Dr. Nguyen work on me in San Diego for several months. I preferred her over my regular chiropractor! She really paid attention to my X-rays and individualized my care! I had recently had a spinal fusion surgery and as a result had a great deal of muscle tension and subluxation in my upper spine. I always felt much better after her adjustments and appreciated the recommendations she gave me of things I could do every day to improve the health of my spine and nervous system. Next time I am in the area - I look forward to visiting Jade chiropractic!"

- J.M.


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